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Are your shoes unique?

You love your shoes, but they are worn and you can't find them anywhere else! Let us revive your shoes with our shoe repair services.




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Don't throw your shoes away!

If you love your shoes and you'd hate to have to throw them out, don't! Our shoe repair specialists can help you bring new life to your shoes, which saves you money and the shoes you love.

  • Zipper repair and replacement
  • Heel and heel tip replacement
  • Shoe stretching
  • Shoe shining
  • Sandal strap repair, lengthening and shortening
  • Velcro strap replacement and lengthening
  • Elastic replacement

We are more than your local drycleaners

Your shoes don't have an expiration date. If you are hard on your shoes, but aren't ready to part with them, let us help you mend and repair your shoes. They will look new, but have the comfort you fell in love with!

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